What has been done in the name of Christ must be undone in the name of Christ

The Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery Coalition is a group of Anabaptist leaders who work together to mobilize church communities to dismantle the Doctrine of Discovery. We proclaim an Anabaptist spirit of discipleship rooted in the call to love of neighbor, seeking right relationship and reconciliation through active non-violence. 

The Doctrine of Discovery is enshrined in both church and state. It is a legal doctrine that is practiced in international law and policy, and well as the domestic legal systems of countries around the globe. The Doctrine of Discovery is also a Christian doctrine dating to the 15th century. It is still practiced by Christian traditions around the globe, systematically dispossessing Indigenous Peoples of their ancestral lands and human rights.

We believe that it is now the church’s responsibility to undo the Doctrine of Discovery in the name of Christ.

Learn more on this page about our Coalition structure and how to join a committee.

Attendees of the 2016 gathering
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