In August 2014, a group of Mennonite church and lay leaders form a coalition with the aim of sharing information, passion and varied resources to dismantle the Doctrine of Discovery. Members of this Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery Coalition proclaimed a spirit of discipleship rooted in the call to love of neighbor and in an Anabaptist understanding that seeks right relationship and reconciliation through active non-violence. Here’s an article from Mennonite World Review about the August 2014 round-table.

The group holds annual meetings, during which Coalition members brainstorm new committees and projects for the following year. The Coalition met again in January 2016, 2017 and 2018 and formed working committees for the following year. If you would like to be involved with the work of any of these committees, please contact the chair (listed below):

The 2017 Coalition includes:

Groups (with representatives)

Note: You can click on the name of a committee chair to send them an email.

Mennonite Church USA: Iris DeLeon-Hartshorn, Director of Transformative Peacemaking.

Mennonite Central Committee-Central States: Erica Littlewolf, Indigenous Visioning Circle; Michelle Armster, Executive Director; and Karin Kaufman Wall, Peace and Justice Education; Andrew Wright, director of Programs. Erica and Karin are chairing the DofD Constituency Engagement Committee. Andrew is co-chairing the Education Committee

Mennonite Central Committee-Washington Office: Cherelle M. Dessus, Legislative Assistant/Communications Coordinator

Mennonite Creation Care Network: Luke Gascho: Executive Director of Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center of Goshen College and Mennonite Creation Care Network. Luke is co-chair of steering committee.

Watershed Discipleship: Todd Wynward, Regional Minister of Watershed Discipleship for Mountain States Mennonite Conference and Albuquerque Mennonite Church.

Ted & Company: Ted Swartz, artistic director; Alison Brookins, playwright with Ted & Company. Alison is contact for the Arts Committee.

Pacific Southwest Mennonite Conference (fiscal sponsor): David Gray, Mission Minister


Anita Amstutz, Mennonite pastor. Anita is chair of the Pipeline and extractive industry committee

Sarah Augustine, Suriname Indigenous Health Fund. Sarah is chairing the Structures Committee, which will work on advocating for changes in legal and policy structures.

Patricia Burdette.

Jennifer Delanty.

Katerina Friesen. Katerina is chair of the Events Committee, which organizes the annual gathering of the Coalition.

Ken Gingerich, member of Albuquerque Mennonite Church. Ken is responsible for communications on the Fundraising and Communications Committee and is co-chair of the MCUSA/Orlando Committee

Sheri Hostetler, Pastor of First Mennonite Church of San Francisco. Sheri serves as the treasurer.

Tim Nafziger, organizer with Carnival de Resistance and reservist with Christian Peacemaker Teams. Tim is co-chair of Steering Committee and chair of the Arts committee.

Jonathan Neufeld, pastor at Seattle Mennonite Church

Weldon Nisly, retired Mennonite pastor

Joanna Shenk, Associate Pastor at First Mennonite Church of San Francisco

John Stoesz, activist for Indigenous justice and former Executive Director of Mennonite Central Committee – Central States. John is responsible for fundraising on the Fundraising and Communications Committee. He is also chairing the Native Land Return Committee.

Richard Iron Cloud.

Harley Eagle.

Carol Rose, pastor of Shalom Mennonite Fellowship and reservist with Christian Peacemaker Teams

Tyler Eshleman, Program Coordinator, The Taos Initiative for Life Together. Tyler is co-chair of the MCUSA/Orlando Committee.