Spring 2020

Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery Coalition Autumn 2019 Newsletter Welcome We hope this email finds you well in these difficult times. Indigenous struggles against colonization continue, and we continue to find new creative ways to show allyship and solidarity. As always we invite you to get involved in our work to dismantle the Doctrine of … Continue reading Spring 2020

Call for Submissions

The Arts and Education Committee of the Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery Coalition is assembling a new resource on the topic of reparations and repair. It will contain biblical and theological reflections as well as stories about how people have practiced reparative justice on the ground. Our intended audience is Anabaptist congregations, but our past resources (see here) have been … Continue reading Call for Submissions

Reparations: An Atonement Connection

 Contributed by J. Denny Weaver, In the movement to dismantle the Doctrine of Discovery, reparations should be a part of the discussion. The historical facts are undeniable: land theft and multiple kinds of destruction committed against the bodies of Indigenous Peoples by Europeans. Of course, people alive today are not personally guilty of these multiple … Continue reading Reparations: An Atonement Connection

Reflections on the Potawatomi Trail of Death Pilgrimage

Ric Hudgens is a pastor, professor, and poet who lives in the Great Lakes region of Turtle Island, the ancestral home of the Potawatomi. He serves as co-pastor of North Suburban Mennonite in Libertyville, Illinois. The great Catholic theologian John S. Dunne began one of his books with the question “What kind of story are … Continue reading Reflections on the Potawatomi Trail of Death Pilgrimage