Call for Submissions

The Arts and Education Committee of the Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery Coalition is assembling a new resource on the topic of reparations and repair. It will contain biblical and theological reflections as well as stories about how people have practiced reparative justice on the ground. Our intended audience is Anabaptist congregations, but our past resources (see here) have been … Continue reading Call for Submissions

Reparations: An Atonement Connection

 Contributed by J. Denny Weaver, In the movement to dismantle the Doctrine of Discovery, reparations should be a part of the discussion. The historical facts are undeniable: land theft and multiple kinds of destruction committed against the bodies of Indigenous Peoples by Europeans. Of course, people alive today are not personally guilty of these multiple … Continue reading Reparations: An Atonement Connection

Troubling questions

Seattle-based David Mesenbring is a public speaker, social entrepreneur and traveler who's worked as an anti-apartheid activist; Africa-focused grant maker; nonprofit founder; and social justice animator.  A committed ecumenist, he was ordained by Africans after being raised Lutheran and is now an Episcopal priest.  His volunteer passions include Oikocredit (a global cooperative that finances FairTrade … Continue reading Troubling questions

The spiritual roots of resistance at Standing Rock run deep

The following article is a cross-post from Christian Peacemaker Teams. The original post from December 4, 2016, can be found here. By Tim Nafziger The U.S. Army corps of engineers has today, December 4, 2016 announced that they will deny key permits for the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline and explore alternative routes, one … Continue reading The spiritual roots of resistance at Standing Rock run deep

A Concrete Act of Solidarity with Standing Rock

Fellowship of Hope, a Mennonite congregation from Elkhart, Indiana, recently moved their bank account from Chase Bank after learning that it's one of the 38 banks that are funding the Dakota Access Pipeline through its parent company, Energy Transfer Partners. You may find the letter they wrote below to be helpful as you contemplate ways to be … Continue reading A Concrete Act of Solidarity with Standing Rock