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  • 2021-2022 Indigenous Repair Partner

    2021-2022 Indigenous Repair Partner

    DDofD Coalition’s 2021-22 international repair partner seeks protection for historic Maya lands and lifeways

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  • What prayer does when Oak Flat is under fire

    Reflection July 2021 by Carol Rose There are many ways sacred land can be under fire.  For many years Chich’il Bildagoteel, sacred land also known as Oak Flat, has been threatened with destruction by being hollowed out and collapsed by a copper mine.  This season the threat of fire has also been literal.  The first…

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  • Release of New Resources!

    Release of New Resources!

    We’re celebrating the release of new educational resources from our Coalition! The first is a Land Acknowledgment Guide tailored for congregational use. The second is called “Stories of Repair: A Reparative Justice Resource toward Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery.” You can order copies of these resources by clicking the cover images below, or by going…

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  • Maya Struggles for Mother Earth: A guest post by Manuel May with Ka’ Kuxtal Much Meyaj

    Español abajo For the Maya, the jungle is a sacred living being. The jungle shelters us, feeds us, heals us, and gives us tools and materials to build our homes and those of the animals. For us, the jungle is shelter. It is the skin and clothing of our Mother Earth. From our worldview, the…

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  • Oak Flat is Sacred… and not only to the San Carlos Apache!

    At the entrance to the womblike valley of Oak Flat, near the deeply rooted ancient oaks, Wendsler Noisie, San Carlos Apache leader, talked with me about about questions raised by a U.S. Forestry official. He asked why did they included non-Apache/settlers who also said that Oak Flat is sacred among the responses of the Environmental…

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  • Dismantling Board Game project

    Dismantling Board Game project

    The Coalition to Dismantle the Doctrine of Discovery is working to develop a board game to introduce players to some of the core concepts of the Doctrine of Discovery.  We are imagining a game that would be fun, engaging, and give players an experiential way to problematize ideas, such as whether land that is not…

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  • Announcing Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery Campaign for Oak Flat

    Announcing Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery Campaign for Oak Flat

    Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery Coalition (DDoD) is starting a campaign backing the San Carlos Apache led efforts to save Oak Flat from destruction by a proposed copper mine.  You are invited to join in! Oak Flat, (Chi’chil Bildagoteel) is a sacred site of the San Carlos Apache from time immemorial.  It is a place…

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  • Call for Submissions

    The Arts and Education Committee of the Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery Coalition is assembling a new resource on the topic of reparations and repair. It will contain biblical and theological reflections as well as stories about how people have practiced reparative justice on the ground. Our intended audience is Anabaptist congregations, but our past resources (see here) have been…

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  • Reparations: An Atonement Connection

     Contributed by J. Denny Weaver, In the movement to dismantle the Doctrine of Discovery, reparations should be a part of the discussion. The historical facts are undeniable: land theft and multiple kinds of destruction committed against the bodies of Indigenous Peoples by Europeans. Of course, people alive today are not personally guilty of these multiple…

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  • One Small Step Toward Reparations

    Janet Kroeker and Katerina Friesen, members of Mennonite congregations that have studied and lamented the impacts of the Doctrine of Discovery, created an addendum to the purchase agreement of a house one of them is selling and the other buying. We encourage others looking to buy or sell homes to be in conversation with local…

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