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For a downloadable fact sheet: DoD_FactSheet

Blog Posts

Sarah Augustine’s series of blog posts on the Doctrine of Discovery, written for Mennonite Church USA:  “My Commissioning,” “Walking Culture,” “A Story from My Family,” “Agents of Change,” “In Spite of All This…”

The Mennonite blog post, “Deep Calls Out to Deep”

An interview with Sarah Augustine on “Breathing Forgiveness: Conflict Transformation in the Here and Now”

Other Web Resources

“Five Hundred Years of Injustice: The Legacy of Fifteenth Century Religious Prejudice,” by Steve Newcomb, Indigenous Law Institute:

United Nations Preliminary Study on the Doctrine of Discovery


Vine Deloria, Jr. “Conquest Masquerading as Law,” in Unlearning the Language of Conquest (Texas University Press, 2006).

Robert J. Miller, Esq., Native America, Discovered and Conquered, Thomas Jefferson, Lewis and Clark and Manifest Destiny (Bison Books, 2008).

Steven T. Newcomb, Pagans in the Promised Land: Decoding the Doctrine of Christian Discovery (Fulcrum, 2008).

Blake Watson, Buying America from the Indians: Johnson v. McIntosh and the History of Native Land Rights (University of Oklahoma Press, 2012).