Repair Partners


Ka’ Kuxtal Much Meyaj is our Repair Partner for 2021-2022.

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Each year, the Coalition gives 60% of donations we receive to an Indigenous-led Repair Partner who is working to heal harms that have metastasized from the Doctrine of Discovery.


Ka’ Kuxtal Much Meyaj

About Ka’ Kuxtal For us, as Maya, the seeds that feed us and that have accompanied our people for centuries are sacred, not only an element of production and food but a relationship with our ancestors, with the memory of our people, with our present of resistance and our future of good living.  The seeds … Continue reading Ka’ Kuxtal Much Meyaj

Makoce Ikikcupi

2020-2021 Repair Partner About Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In sit amet eros eget justo elementum interdum. Cras vestibulum nulla id aliquam rutrum. Vestibulum aliquet mauris ut augue ultrices facilisis. Vestibulum pretium ligula sed ipsum dapibus, tempus iaculis felis ornare. Morbi pretium sed est tincidunt hendrerit. Curabitur id elit scelerisque, pharetra tellus … Continue reading Makoce Ikikcupi

Suriname Indigenous Health Fund

2019-2020 Repair Partner About Many development processes are conducted without the full participation of indigenous and tribal communities. The indigenous Amerindians and the tribal Maroons are displaced and dispossessed by this process, and live as an alienated minority. The indigenous and tribal communities must be included in the design, execution, and analysis phases of projects … Continue reading Suriname Indigenous Health Fund